By The Way... Is The Stock Market CRASHING?

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Is The Stock Market CRASHING?

  1. Yes, it's CRASHING!

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  2. No, it's just a flucuation.

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  1. Only a dufus would not recognize the relation between the stock market and the rate price of USD trading against the euro and the yen (among others).


    Is The Stock Market CRASHING?

    Dow 10,753.60 Down - 92.69 (0.85%)
    Nasdaq 2,038.49 Down - 15.62 (0.76%)
    S&P 500 1,234.73 Down - 7.56 (0.61%)
    (source Yahoo!)

    Sure seems that way.

    Especially with the mid-east tension, the uncertaintly about the US eco, and the price of Oil surging (now past $78 - I've been calling for $90 for over a month).

    If higher gas prices at the pump break the back of consumers and America cracks under the $$ weight... the stock market is toast.


  2. The USA is out of the picture..China and Russia seem to hold the keys and it really does not matter which way they go...I heard crude reached $78.10/barrel yesterday.

    Somehow we did too little too late if we wanted to spread democracy and keep the powerful position in the world. The one thing still is.....we still feed the world.

    I am thankful that I do not care about the direction of my instruments and that I trade currencies with my mathematical model (s). But the temporary functioning of my system is frightening as I do not have a back up system. I am counting the days that I am able to trade profitably, and each day I am thankful for.

    A whole generation of people have grown up in war, and it would take another generation to understand what it is to live in peace.

    Michael B.
  3. Another thing. I think I have become numb to pip movement...but sometimes when I start my trading shift I imagine that things should just be wild...

    The "measured moves" a country and its banks make is quite controlled actually.

    Michael B.

    P.S. If I were to write fundemental articles, how would I focus on being original? plus I am just a piker trading fundemental instruments such as currencies..I feel like a fish out of water.
  4. Sometimes it "feels" like countries in Europe all sit at a round table (THE EU) and try to strategize how to make the United States of Europe and its currency (EUR) function.

    Political alliances and world posturing seem to define the way it will go.

    PikerTrader (good handle for somebody)
    Michael B.
  5. Hey Michael,

    Welcome to Hell! :D

    Something you're not seeing (in your system).

    Let me take a look at it - I can install a back-up system for you.

    tgof :cool:
  6. crash? yawn....

    i`m buying Q`s here....35.9

    smoked or profit? :D
  7. The G-x meetings.

    They probably do.
  8. What goes up must come down. (G.Loeb)
  9. TyphoonTycoon

    TyphoonTycoon Guest

    It's hard to tell whether or not the stock markets will crash, but wouldn't be the lest bit supprised if one did occur in this year or the next (particularly in Markets where there has been a relentless bull over the 3 years or so).

    If it does, it presents it self as an opportunity to bolster my long term Stock portfolio (which incidently over the long term is proving to be more profitable than my system based forex trading to date and with a lot less effort)
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