By curbing all shorts, the U.S. is manipulating the market

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  1. Would one person be surprised if investment banks had been shorting their own industry this year? In the computer age is there not a name, an identity associated with every trade made? Isn't there an "IRS" or something? Find those responsible for "taking down" AIG and LEH and arrest them, if what they did amounted to "financial terrorism" (sarcastic). No, instead punish the free market with a scam intended to prop up the market for a presidential candidate. Thieves or idiots are in control.

    Stop messing with legitimate shorting cunts!

    Don't waste your vote: Write in Ron Paul for president.
  2. with trillions of investors' dollars were wiped out during the market crash, the gov't & the SEC have no choice but doing something to save the ship from shinking further.

    i've been very negative about the US gov't & the SEC in handling the market turmoil.

    but as of today, i am turning caustiously optimistic. the market clearly has capitulated this week with today's news.
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    The stock market is turning into a bond market as bonds are turning into a sucker play.

    What are the new stocks?
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    Are you begging for hyperinflation?

    Govt interfereing with the free markets always make it worse in the long run.

    Banning short sales will make the market MORE volatile.

    The only thing that will fall faster than LEH is the USD

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  7. WHY?

    May I suggest, that it precisely this "write a law, do something" problem resolution methodology that has been wrecking this country since Woodrow Wilson.

    Man dies while eating watermelon.........Pass law demanding warning labels on watermelons.

    Man and Woman stoned to death for adultery...........pass law outlawing stones.

    Investors and Banks loose billions due to stupidity and greed......spend trillions to make the world a rosy and cheery place again.

    May G-D save us from ourselves.
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    Funny how same IBs were very vocal against any kind of government regulation and preaching self-regulation, when things were rosy, are now begging the government to pass laws to protect them from "irrational" speculators.
    And it would just make for a nice friday night comedy to watch, if not paid for by everybody else.
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    That is probably the reason they don't want any shorts - so the price discovery is INEFFICIENT. They just want their share price to just go up and up, no matter how they screw up.
    It would be nice for the government to just pass a law that the price of GS and MS should just double every [fill in] months, so we can all sleep sound and safe.
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