BX blackstone P/L

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jtnet, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. jtnet


    Anyone make any $ on BX today?
  2. qll


    too flat.
  3. Would you call it a lackluster IPO? It opened at 45 now trades at 35. I don't think it's shortable yet.
  4. I don't think you can really say it opened at $45.

    There's a lot of skepticism, surprisingly, about this IPO. With the street's seemingly unbreakable love for LBOs and M&A lately I would have thought this would have sent the markets flying, at least for the day.

    The Bear CDO ordeal has thrown a bunch of clouds over the market.

    What do you think about the IPO? I wouldn't trust it personally, who knows what kind of shit you're buying. Their fees are high, they're only selling a teensy portion of the company, the tax issue could hammer them, and the similarities with LTCM in the way that everyone is in awe of them is just too much.

    It's breaking down now it seems...lowest point of the day I think. :D
  5. i lost 250 then made 300..so a net 50 bucks with alot of stress..it was a lackluster debut due to all the hype and high expectations. i'm sure other traders got slammed on it.
  6. I lost 4 cents on 100 shares and made 3 cents on 200.

    After commissions, I lost $2.80.
  7. Surdo


    I made $5450 less whatever a$$ kissing I do to get an allocation.

    el surdo
  8. ok let's hear it already: Shatstone, Crapstone, Tankstone and so on :D

  9. Shit the bed Shizzlestone, fetch a dog a bone son.
  10. mde2004


    I lost 4k trading it today, I will tell truth.
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