BW drops 16% around 16:10, but earnings are not released until 16:40

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  1. Thank you.

    I did not have access to Bloomberg. Usually earnings reports are available at approximately the same time across different news outlets, e.g. Yahoo Finance. But not in this case. Apparently you can only trust Bloomberg.
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  2. newwurldmn


    I would look into it more. It looks like they issued an 8k at 16:04. in that 8k they might have issued earnings highlights. It looks like the machine reading algos got a jump on that filing.
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  3. According to Business Wire, the earnings report was released at 4:42 PM.

    When I get access to Bloomberg, I will check which news source is quoted for the headlines posted on Bloomberg around 4:10 PM or whether as suggested it was in the 8K.
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    I scanned the 8k. The earnings report was embedded in it. it was released at 16:04.
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  6. zdreg


    it is one more example of the individual being at a disadvantage.
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  7. RRY16


    It’s one more example why Oddlot traders should stay away from Earnings releases.
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  8. zdreg


    remark has nothing to do with the prior remark. you could say that about round lot traders or hedge firm traders that don't have access to machine read algorithms.
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