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  1. This stock is being pump and dumped hard by the National Inflation Association (Jonathan Lebed, formerly charged by the SEC in 2000).

    From the research I've done... this is a worthless company losing money that makes some crappy social network software designed for businesses that no one uses or has heard of. They have been bleeding cash and diluting shareholders.

    The NIA has been associating the stock with Facebook to try and lure suckers in as if the Facebook IPO has anything to do with this company. Lots of suckers falling for it and the stock is up 120% ever since the email spam has been going out.

    It blows my mind how the SEC sits back and lets this sort of thing happen. Jonathan Lebed probably made himself over a million dollars on this stock.

    I see my broker has shares to short... looks interesting
  2. There's no reason to short that. Their cash position is worth almost as much as where the stock is at.

    NIA presents valid economic commentary on a daily basis, and they are rational investors that have disclosed the risks associated with their updates to members.

    If I had $15 of cash on the balance sheet, would you really be so confident to short if the ask was $18? Better at $21, nearly suicidal to try to short.

    Split Adjusted High $20,920, Enterprise Value $73.5 million, 6 current ratio. If there isn't any ebitda doesn't mean operating profits cannot be negative.
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  4. I'm short.. Just sold 300 shares in the premarket at 23.60

    It looks like a typical Pump and Dump, a real turd of a company being pimped by unscrupulous crooks. Not a big position in case the pump continues to levitate the price.
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    This stock is being pumped by the National Inflation Association
  6. Seriously? Never heard of it.
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    The company is a POS. Recent earnings report:

    * Q4 rev down 17 pct to $4.19 mln

    * Q4 adj loss $0.30 vs adj EPS $0.14 yr-ago

    * Shares fall as much as 15 pct

    Jan 26 (Reuters) - E-Commerce business solutions provider BroadVision Inc's quarterly revenue fell, hurt by lower demand for its services, sending its shares down as much as 15 percent after the bell.

    For the fourth-quarter, the company reported a loss of $1.8 million, or 40 cents per share, compared with earnings of $280,000, or 6 cents per share, a year ago.

    Excluding items, it reported a loss 30 cents a share.

    Revenue fell 17 percent to $4.19 million. Services revenue fell 28 percent to $2.59 million.

    Shares of the Redwood City-California based company were trading down 12 percent at $19.30 after the bell. They closed at $22.03 on Thursday on the Nasdaq.

    So why is this stock getting so much attention. That is easy, and it happens to many stocks like this: Outstanding shares is about 4.5 million and the float is about 2.5 million.

    It is just a game of chicken being played on this one.
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