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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by JTrader7, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Can anyone please recommend a professional & reasonably priced administrator and auditor to assist with a small (<£500K) BVI based investment fund?
    Thank you in advance for recommendations
  2. dundee leeds but go to to do your shopping, thats a good resource (they are listed there, thats how i initially heard about them)... if what you do is pretty straightforward valuation / accting-wise, they may do you a deal for the 1st year or until you reach $5mio equivalent AUM... i remember talking in the region of $2.5K/mth for admin, transfer agent, NAV etc services which is dirt cheap by today's standards (Fortis, HSBC/BB were around $10K/mth for the same, even Fulcrum were north of $5K), but just from memory and my memory's not that good... good luck! (i haven't gone ahead btw, found a better way than setting up a fund...)
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    Thanks Dr. Zhivodka and 2 cents.
    2 cents: can you share the better approach you mention in your post? I'm open to all other options. Key considerations - I want to build a legit & verifiable track record whilst keeping legal and admin fees etc to a minimum. The administrator fees mentioned in your post would eat me alive managing £500K (as Dr Zhivodka also points out). Legal & audit fees coming out rather steep also.
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on alternatives to a fund structure.