Discussion in 'Trading' started by jskri, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. jskri


    does anyone have any info concerning Biovail? I know the spec in this stock likes to ruin peoples lives, but other than that this thing is tanking? On my news feed, I only see positive news the last couple days.:eek:
  2. daytr8r


    i think the ceo might be investigated for stock trading issues... i don't think it has to do with bvf product.
  3. maybe the specialist really wants the stock...
  4. jskri


    that's probably it.
  5. it's at least part of it...
  6. jskri


    my whole firm is long at @ 29 (huge size)
  7. Dustin


    Just remember that THC denied rumors at first too...
  8. jskri


    ...The difference being, when the THC news came out, that stock tanked. Now that I have doen my due diligence, (thnaks bungrinder for the jump start) this news on Biovail came out yesterday, and it did not tank until mid-day today. This is a case of the Spec taking advantage off the lag because BVF is not an US company.
  9. jskri

    jskri the tape. He is getting long.