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    Im starting a journal on trading the YM .Calls will be live in a chat room. Everyday I have a plan I adopt different perspectives based on market conditions before the opening of the Dow cash. I think are we in a bull or bear cycle, how did the Dow close the previous day and will we get more follow through today. Or how did the Dow close the last 45 mins of trade.

    Maybe we get a big down day or up .i,e .. if we get a big up day and the following day we get a weak open or a lower open. I will zoom in and look for strenth beofre I place a trade. I like the market to tip it's hand for me to be a buyer. The odds are in your favour for more follow through as long as we are above the 10exp ma on a daily chart. So basically I look at a few things before I decide a trade.

    After taking all this in to account. I scale in, till I have my full position on and try to ride for as long as I can, But if Im wrong I will double up and even buy more on a third attempt to average buy buying price. The market will usually give you a chance to get out at even. If im wrong on the first trade of the day, I don't look to make money on it. I then start fresh...I know what you guys are going to say, all the good books say don't average down. But I tell you this. My first trade of the day is only 30% of my position so if I am wrong on the first move of the day, I got buying power to buy more...The same if im write on the move I will scale in on the way up...I am open to a wide range of signals such as the Trans Nas Tick IBM and sometimes Oil. so I can adjust my position if I see the other market breaking down. That's a little history how I trade.

    But for this journal I will be showing my short term trades looking up to 10 trades a day. Looking for moves of 5 to 30 points on the YM. I will post all the results on this threads. All trades will be shown live in my chat room called Buzz YM Calls. the room will be open from around 8.00am EST time.

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    If you want to go in the chat room. On top of Elitetraders page, click on chat, this will take you in to Elite traders chat room....Then click on Rooms and you will see Buzz's, YM Calls from around 8.00am EST time.

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    For extra entertainment, the Augur will be present in the room making 2-3 intraday predictions.
    Good calls so far Buzz, we will have a good time!

    P.S.: Since this is Buzz's journal, I don't want to take the spotlight away, but if I make a very good prediction in the room I will mention it here.
  4. I love train wrecks. This should be fun.
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    Now live in the chat room, under Buzz YM Calls

    Click chat on top of the page, then click rooms. you will see me.
  6. Please do not forget my PM with pswd, thanks.
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    Well, the room did not go well today. We are a few in there taking the piss, thinking they new everything but would not give a clear live call in the room. The last trade I done was long 11902 out at 11918. And they was trying to pick holes in it..I give the call when price was on 902, in fact it then went down a few ticks before taking off.…

    Tomorrow I will have no option but to have a password on the room. PM me for it. if you wish to join. It be the same room but with a pass.

    Sorry for the regulars today I had no option but to get out o the room.



    If you want to trade live aginst me in a live chat room let me know, we maka a day for it..we see if you are all talk them.

  8. Word. Send me the pswd.
  9. When youre in the room be sure to keep a time and sales running so you can verify those 10 contract trades. I didnt see them when I was in there but my data might have been screwed up and I would really like to know if hes straight up.
  10. Yeah. Stated an 18 average on his offset. I asked how as we'd only printed a one lot at 18... he stated, "look at 17", but we hadn't printed 19s yet. New math.
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