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    One of my monitors is buzzing with varying degrees as I go from web page to web page. It's loud enough to be heard from another room and extremely annoying. Is this the beginning of the end for it?

    My other monitor just kept getting duller and duller. It has since leveled off but I can't get it any brighter either through the manual controls on the monitor or the display settings in the control panel.

    I think the problems are unrelated because the dim one started long before the noisy one. Both are CRT.
  2. Have you tried degausing the monitor?
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    (my best metooxx impersonation)
  4. good impersonation....

    But seriously, save your eyes and buy new ones. I bet that's what metooxx would do.
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    mike s

    How's that done? One of mine has recently started sounding like it's housing crickets.

  6. It should be an option on the monitor's menu (the buttons on the front bottom of the monitor). If you have a really old monitor there might not be a degauss option.
  7. From a newsgroup post:

    If the buzzing is coming from inside the monitor, then you're looking at a line output transformer that's about to crap out on you as that's the usual cause of internal buzzing from a monitor.
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    Thug-- LOL. I'm glad you have a sense of humor my friend. Thanks for the info.