BuyLowSellHi - ET's fear monger

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  1. This guy never takes a break.

    When you spend all your time focusing on what's wrong, you miss what's right.
  2. Wah.

    I took the time out to call BLSH a "fear mongerer."

    If the facts and reality I cite wasn't of significance and wasn't based in reality, aka factual data, you wouldn't be so worried about my posting reality, cupcake.

    You probably work as an investment advisor or some closely related ilk.
  3. clacy


    This site is becoming quite sad actually. I don't mind BLSH posting an article every now and then, but many times I come here and the summary page (with the latest 20 posts) will be 25% BLSH's posts.

    I don't even have to click on them to know they're his.

    Then you have all the gold bug/anti-fed conspiracy guys.....

    Then you have cold (and many aliases) type posts.......

    There really is little value other than entertainment, IMO.
  4. The OP called a spade, a spade. No harm in that.
  5. CET


    That's what the Ignore feature is for.
  6. Wah! Wah!

    There are actual realists on board.

    And they are forcing me to click on their threads! I can't resist!


  7. Realists opinions are never so far to either side, that's just fanatical.

    Don't be so defensive, you post a lot of interesting stuff.

  8. LOL :D

    Only the fools who want to hide their heads in the sand and the wimps who run around with rose colored glassess would have a problem with your posts, BLSH.

    And as you can see from his posts, R. Raskolnikov falls into both categories. :p

    Have a nice day.

  9. markets need a wall of worry to advance. blsh is our resident wallbuilder. judging buy the market advance so far he is doing a very good job.
    things are never as bad as the doomsters predict.
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