Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Dr. Zhivodka, May 20, 2009.

  1. Where the hell has Doom And Gloom gone?

    USD is down and the reals are ripping.
  2. Hilarious how everyone rips on BuyLo on up days. Stick it to him bulls!
  3. Wow, what a rally.

    I suggest you go all in with your entire net worth, Zhifaga.
  4. buylo


    Yes.......what?? I saw my name on the thread, jumped in the phone booth and flew over as fast as I could, since I am The OG, Buylo!
  5. do realize of course that a mere 1 ES pt per day on a mere 20 lot is $250,000 per year.

    And I played that waaay conservative purposes of example.

    No need to go "all in." One just need not be a total bear all the time.

  6. I wonder if I should start an entire thread in 'Wall Street' with the title 'Zhivodka' now that the indexes are negative for the day?

    Nah...only a moron would do something like that.