Buying your own Island

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    Forget future global warming... how about this mother of all tips, right now:

    "4. Permit problems. Before you buy an island, make sure to ask the authorities what you can build on it -- if anything. "Islands without building permits are literally worthless," says Vladi. Once you own an island, you may need permits for simple activities, such as lighting an outdoor fire. Fees will range from $10 to $100 a permit."

    Guess a whole-pig open-pit barbecue on a whim is out of the question, then. "Sweetie, we've got 60 guests arriving this weekend... did you forget to file that fire permit application on your all-day trip to the mainland last month... again?"

    What planet are we on?! What, the authorities are concerned that the fire might spread to... hold on, what's an "island," again? Must be a new definition of the obscure word "own," as borrowed from the renowned Cuban and North Korean legal systems.
  2. Did someone say,
    "buying your own island"??

    Well, look no further!!!!!!!!

    :cool: You gotta admit, there are some crappy islands out there.

    "Unlimited water supply", no shit it's an island, unless they mean its also flood prone from tropical storms.

    "Fantastic views"...........of the ocean, 360 degrees. All day.....everyday......year after year....

    "15miles from the mainland, ensuring absolute privacy" ever swum 15miles in an emergency?

    "Pristine wilderness" infrastructure, amenities or anything at all, you'll live in mangrove swamps like tarzan and fight beligerent monkeys for scraps of edible bark and leaves.

    "absolute security"........the nearest island is a military base.

    "Experience the everyday adventure of your own private island"............pack plenty 'o heat, coz fish poachers and drug runners will likely try and kill ya.

    "Formerly a resort" ............will cost twice the price of the island to bring it up to scratch.

    Disclaimer-those quotes are not from the linked site, i just made them up to illustrate some points.

    Still, there ARE some amazing joints out there, but unless your intending to go robinson crusoe, better bring a few billion.
    I suspect thats WHY there are still so many islands up for grabs, im sure many owners simply go broke, they go for the dream, leave for the reality of the massive expenses involved.