Buying Vega

Discussion in 'Options' started by TM1982, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. TM1982


    Any professional option traders having difficulty making money on long vega positions right now? I'm having a hell of a time.. I like to keep my vega ratio between long and short fairly balanced but my longs are killing me.
  2. heech


    IV is falling everywhere I look in the physical commodity space, and has been since March-May. Everything is basically normalizing after the blow-up last year.

    In a lot of cases, falling past 2008 lows.

    So, I'm not sure if there's a deeper level to this question... but it sure seems like the last 4 months would be a bad time to be long vega.
  3. erol


    I am currently short vega

    one of my butterflies however is long vega. The long put has delta of 100 and vega of 200, unsure why...
  4. Grinder


    I gave up being long vega a couple mths back when by DDs did F all for me, but now getting some long vega might be due.
  5. Why not trade VIX instead?