Buying Trading Systems ?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Guitar-Fire, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. DUH :D

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  2. Sorry, I'm not a native english speaker, what means "DUH" ?
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  3. I am not affiliated with Striker or Attain. A few months ago, I decided to follow a few commercial systems and all I can say, is that Striker and Attain seem to be honest companies:

    - real account statements: they can probably show you that. Anyway, every evening, they show on their website the trades made for that day in each system and these are based on actual fills. You just have to ask an access code.

    - promotion of systems on a good streak: Striker shows the results of 16 S&P systems. 7 are losing money this year. Hardly promotion of systems on a good streak only.

    - commissions making machines: most of the day trading systems trade on average 10-15 times per month, some even less (particularly in this low volatility environment, which is a good point). Hardly commissions making machines in my opinion.
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  4. mmillar


    I've never traded these systems or with these companies, but I thought you might want to look at

    They do independent tests of these systems over a number of years. You can get any information about systems from them.
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  5. Guitar-Fire,

    Traderkay means by this that after giving you his honest advise he is giving up on you. It might be wiser for you to stick to your guitar playing rather than trying to play the market. To me, he seems to know what he is talking about

    Be good,

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  6. Guitar fire:
    My best advice is don't......Don't buy systems.....and don't trade until you have more of a background. You are sure to lose money and on top of that, because you did not learn to develop your own system, you will not have advanced your understanding of the markets. Instead, put the money into a certificate of deposit a your local bank, then start studying the markets. Spend at least 1 year learning, Then come back and see if you still want to buy a system. I will bet that you won't. Best Regards, and good luck. Steve46
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  7. Thanks for the advice everybody....

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  8. Well I read in some other forums that they allow the change of the code. I always find it amazing but I think I posted a link somewhere on this forum for top stock systems on the WL site. Once the systems are published the code can not be changed. Systems are free, code is disclosed, you can even test it for free on the WL site.
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  9. 15 trades a month=180/year
    Don't they charge $50/trade?

    Thats $9000.00/year in commission for 1 Emini.

    The system needs to make 20% a year just to break even!

    Doesn't sound like very good odds to me.

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  10. DT-waw


    20% to BE? Only when you put $45k for every emini contract... This is not an offer for active system traders. Robbins Trading charges around $55/rt. If you make 10 trades /year then maybe.
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