Buying Trading Systems ?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Guitar-Fire, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    is there someome outthere who made experiences with system trading via striker or attain ?


    Regards, Ralf
  2. TraderRC


    What exactly are you asking?
  3. buddy i don't get what you want. write something detailed
  4. I have been in contact with people from Striker in the past. These guys seem honest.
  5. good systems dont get sold to John Q. Public. U might wanna learn that the hard way.
  6. TraderRC, Brokerboy,

    I'm looking for somebody who made experiences with or

    Both are brokers who offer managed accounts, based on systems like "R-Mesa", I_Master" and others.

    I'd appreciate real trading experiences with those systems.

    Regards, Ralf
  7. traderkay,

    I'd prefer to learn it without losing money - that's why I'm posting here.

    I'd apreciate to know, if you made any experiences with buyable systems.


  8. Will they show you actual account records from trading those systems? Be aware that hypothetical or backtested results have all sorts of problems, not least they can reoptimize parameters after the fact.
  9. The trouble I have with these guys (Stryker/Attain) and the rest is that they seem to "promote" whatever system is on a good streak. The systems that fail, well, those are forgotten, along with their big drawdowns. Somehow, there is never a shortage of successful systems fit just right for the current environment.
    Gee, wonder how they manage that!:confused: :eek: :mad:

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    I agree with AAA 100%.

    Ask for real statements over a long period of time.

    Think this through to its logical completion. If they had a system that was making money for people you would have had 1000 replies from the millions of customers they would have. And an even more basic question, if it is really that good, why bother with the hassle of retail accounts at all? Obviously there is more money in the commissions it generates than what they could make trading it. And from the lack of people who have even heard of it you can bet that no one is making much money.

    Sorry to be so negative, I wasn't a skeptic when I first got into this business.
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