buying this dip?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bluud, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Anyone buying this dip?
  2. bluud


    Markets are already heading back up
  3. I just bought some Mini s&p500 at around 1498. An intraday trade.
  4. I am notorious dip buyers in aftermarket and premarket. However, I do not see positive signs until yet. I am waiting, shorting looks to me dangerous as well. I expect that market will slide as minimum in first hours of trading. I will start buing just if there will be clear signs of rebound /I know that part of profit will leave on table/.
  5. Europe down only slightly. Oil dropping. USD rising. Futures rising.

    Maybe a little lower on opening followed by a small rally. Or quiet opening, upward drift.
  6. Buying this dip for long-term investments? Yes, I'm grabbing a few stocks that I had eyed for a while. But I'm cautious as everyone. I don't like to accumulate already with a market down just few percentage points.
  7. Every past indication would lead us to believe that buying this dip is a smart move.
  8. Already had a buy signal at 787.10 on the ER2 last night at 22:18 cst..still holding some runners..nice move so far.
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    sold out of some inverse funds this morning.

    Added a little bit to the long side with QLD and DDM

    Sold some TWM and SMN...

  10. Out at 797.10 for 10.0 points..flat and time for scalping the rest of the day.
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