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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lylec305, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. lylec305


    time to sell otm put and buy otm calls on favorit stocks ?
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  2. %%
    Exactly, buy on tech stock dips. As far as buy DIA, on dips go for it , even though DIA is weakestt of 3, DIA, SPY, QQQ. Is tues turn around for DIA, dont know; i dont really watch DIA like SPY or QQQ:D:cool:
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  3. lylec305


    When do we all determine we have enough stuff? Let's stop buying stuff we don't need, save our money for a rainy day. I wonder what would happen to china then. We should also blame corp america for our/west demise. They are manufacturing wherever is cheapest, forget the people, while lining their pockets.
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  4. vanzandt


    Turns out it was.
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  5. ET180


    As a short answer: instant gratification. People think short term because one day we'll all be dead anyway and it takes discipline and will power to hold back on unnecessary purchases in exchange for a greater return on investments later. That cultural change won't happen until after the next great depression.
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  6. Gasparov


    I'm guessing you know how to read a chart
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  7. %%
    Your guess could be as good as mine,LOL. QQQ could easily make new highs this year;but 10-25%CORRECTions can/could happen more than in 2017. DIA ran up so far + fast in JAN; it could /can turn into a bear market. Even if they kick downTrending GE out of that index [ DIA],NOT a prediction.
    NED Davis...... internet ad just noted 10% corrections happens about once a year.:cool:
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  8. lylec305


    I'm legging in, selling otm puts on my favs. If i get assigned, it'll be beyond 52 week lows...
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  9. lylec305


    In a few months from now, we'll check the 52 week trading range and wonder who's the lucky sob that bought at 52 week low. Just saying ...
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  10. ironchef


    Since we already have our ration of 10% correction this year, will it be smooth sailing the rest of the year Mr. Turtle?o_O
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