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  1. Where is a cheap place to buy physical gold/silver? The coin shops in my town charge a freakin fortune over spot price(like 7 to 9 dollars over). The best site i found was so far, and i ended up buying a few thousand dollars of silver from them (they are about 1.50 over spot or 1 dollar if you pay cash) but Is there anywhere cheaper? Ebay silver is selling for 18$ per ounce so they are out. I'd like to buy about 5k to 10k worth of gold or silver (just in case the economy really does hyperinflate which it looks like it started to do last month) So any suggestions?

    Nucleo exchange matches buyers and sellers just like a good ole fashion auction mkt.

    Been using them for 2 years and have a dozen product draws....the only bad thing I can say is i`m addicted to the site.
  3. Outside bulliondirect, you can search Ebay for good deals and bid accordingly.

    Also, Apmex has specials on occasion, it's like pure arbitrage if you capture a sell on Bulliondirect or Ebay.

    Finally, Tulving, if you plan to buy $10k or more.
  4. Tulving was a fraud
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    how is it going with Bullion Direct, never heard of them. I know of Apmex, etc..