Buying Naked Calls

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  1. I have ... Maybe I need to reconsider them ??
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  2. jamesbp


    Although raVar claims to be a principle of sorts at at least 3 trading firms ( no evidence )
    ... he cannot trade OPM ... as he trades "Jade Lizards" ... straight from TastyTrade's dodgy playbook of made up names


    No professional option trader would call a ladder / xmas tree a Jade Lizard
    ... but then again he is a Sosnoff fan boy and shill for Karen the SuperFraud
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  3. .sigma


    Why the shade towards Sos and Karen?
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  4. .sigma


    And btw, "jade lizard" is way more wavy and cooler sounding than "ladder/xmastree" lmao

    In fact, Christmas tree butterfly spread has to be the worst option spread name of all time lol
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  5. Real Money

    Real Money

  6. .sigma


    I am aware, but who cares? She made millions selling 6 sigma puts lmao let her go man, if you make that much you're bound to blow up spectacularly, its all in the game, all the greats IMPLODE!

    In fact, this is what makes you a legend in the game. You fxck the market, then.. eventually, in a far far away time (but soon enough) the market will come and take whats his and you end up in the dust. Its all in the glory
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  7. Wheezooo


    ROFLMAO. By my third week of work I had forgotten my name and only responded to, "you fucking idiot." If that would bother you, you shouldn't trade. The market will call you much meaner things than that.
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  8. jamesbp


    #1 Karen is a fraud ... yet Sosnoff still uses her to promote his business
    #2 Sosnoff got people banned as members of ET for criticising him, TastyTrade and his love-fest with Karen
    #3 Sosnoff ( and TastyTrade generally ) claim to have 'discovered/invented' trades like the 'Jade Lizard' ... which are simply another name for existing strategies ... or concepts that were provided to him by others ... like estimating the expected move as 1.25 ATM straddle price
    #4 Sosnoff claims to make a living as a retail trader ... but provides no evidence or track record of doing so ... and almost all of the new option traders that he personally trains ... seem to blow up or lose money

    Other than that ... he's great entertainment
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  9. Wheezooo


    1- Buy the calls, six to eight months in the future, with strikes three to four deep ITM... hopefully the falling IV will help me...

    What more need be said. Prima facie retarded.

    2- ...and my delta's will thus improve with the passing of time...

    WTF! Improve? Worsen? Change yes, first two - no.

    3-10 @ dest... Are you cognizant of the fact that you are presenting an argument in next order Greeks, to a judge and jury who barely understands expry graphs???
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  10. taowave


    Spot on Wheez.

    There is alot of home made option theory being spewed,and Dest is giving a remedial course in option theory to a guy who has no option understanding..

    OP,you need to up your game..
    Put the time in to comprehend what Dest is saying,and more important to spot when people are making up their own rules of option theory..

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