Buying massively EURO put options, strike 1.4200

Discussion in 'Options' started by ASusilovic, May 11, 2011.

  1. Risk free money - as usual, or? :cool:
  2. or hedge funds games ;)
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    Are the buyers speculating on a lower EUR or hedging a long position in the currency?
  4. Buying some more 1.4200 puts...:D
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    Oh, so it's YOU buying the puts?
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  8. Unfotrunately, I am always a bit early. Last print 1.4100. It´s always good to know when some braniacs like some wannabe "hedge funds" decide to "deleverage"...
  9. Last print 1.4082. Ay, ay, ay. Risk free money. Have a nice weekend, gentlemen.
  10. Forgot to mention: retail traders are again - the 6th day in a row making money...


    That´s pretty much the whole week that retail traders are on the right side of the "game". Unbelievable.
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