Buying ITM Puts and Calls

Discussion in 'Options' started by earlyred, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Anyone having success using strategies buying ITM Puts or Calls within 30 days of expiration?
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  3. please keep your answers simple and to the point. we need a higher signal to noise ratio lol.

    this question/thread is useless w/o mentioning a trading plan to use itm calls/puts such as when to enter/exit w/ profit/exit w/ loss/how much to risk/what stocks to trade options on.

  4. for me, it works only within 32 days of expiry.
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    OK, before you get any more comments similar to mine...If you want informative answers then you need to ask specific questions!

    Your question whether anyone has any success buying ITM puts and calls with 30 days or less to expiration is similar to asking whether anyone has any success in buying stocks.

    Some people do and some don't, but the question is too broad to give any meaningful answers except for the ones you have received so far.
  6. If anyone is going to show up on a trading site like and ask really stupid and really uninformed Qs --- they deserve to get non-meaningful answers and sarcastic replies

    Hey does anyone have any success buying stocks on a Friday afternoon?
    About as intelligent a question as the OP's Q

    what I don't get is where these guys get their questions from? If you buy an ITM call on AAPL this week etc and it goes up 10 points by the end of week, you will make a profit. Does this ever happen?

    Or it only happens >30 days from expiry." ???????

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    I'm very successful with the ITM options that make money.
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    I'm very unsuccessful with those ITM options that lose money.
  9. and, sometimes I have to scratch at breakeven
  10. to OP

    bought AAPL Nov18 395c and sold for profit in one hour... may re-enter.
    Do you know why the ITM calls went higher albeit <30 to expiry??
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