Buying inverses premkt today 11May -- go Bears

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by KCalhoun, May 11, 2020.

  1. KCalhoun

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    bought a few k worth of inverses premkt

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  2. SteveM


    Just curious - why trade so many different etfs?

    On 90% of down days in SPX, the Russell falls further than the SPX.....if you are bearish, why not just quadruple the TZA position and forget about SPXS altogether? Save yourself on commissions, execution risk, and bid/ask spreads?
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  3. S2007S


    TZA is damn fun to trade....
  4. MKTrader


    LOL is right. Let me guess...he moved his trailing stops and almost broke even except for all those dang commissions and lousy bid-ask spreads. I guess it's an okay beginner strategy but not something a "30+ year trading veteran educator" should be doing/teaching IMO.
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  5. Why is he polluting the board with this nonsense ?
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  6. ps, once you describe yourself as an educator
    i take it to mean

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  7. S2007S


    Nasdaq up 6 days in a row. Just keep pumping those same stocks over and over.

    When my retirement account is up nearly 4% in the first days of May it really makes me question how long these gains can last. Last time I felt this my retirement account dropped over 30%.....
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  8. destriero


    I am heading to the trail, but this shit warms the cockles of my heart. I will be thinking of KC on my descent.

  9. Ken why always bearish?
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