buying intel at a 52 wk low ?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cashmoney69, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. dac8555


    the RSI and williams %R seem to be decent technical indicators for INTC.

    They indicate it is in oversold conditions, but you need to wait until it gets buyers in before you pull the trigger.

    your thoughts may have some merit...check those indicators to see what i mean.

    good luck,
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  2. imho there is very little reason to buy intc,csco,msft anymore. they are such a big part of the qqqq that they never move more than the qqqq. you might as well buy the qqqq and get more diversification and lower your risk while getting the same upside potential.
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  3. craneman


    A 52 week low and an intraday hammer are your only buy signals? Not enough for me, thats for sure. Trying to pick bottoms is a good way to eat up your account fast. I don't see any compelling reason to get long on INTC right now. The way I see it the next significant resistance level is around $19.50 from Sept 04. The only thing that might save your ass is the volume seems to be drying up a little on this move down even though its still above the yearly average. But that could just start a sucker rally and turn around quick. I would definitely wait for some sort of reversal pattern to form along with confirmation before trying to predict when this loaded freight train finally comes to a stop.

    Trade what the market tells you to do, not what you want it to do.
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  4. craneman

    you seem to know what your talking about, you must have been doing this for a while ?. Well dont worry, I didnt buy intel.

    man, real trading is alot more different from paper trading ... but I like it :)
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  5. bighog

    bighog Guest

    like real sex compared to those magazines you and your buddies googled over.

    Lots more fun huh?
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  6. balda


    INTC goes to $ 14.00 :)
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  7. KenL


    Lots of wisdom imparted on this thread. My 2 cents...buying INTC here, you will be catching a falling knife. Getting on a phoenix rising from the ashes is a much safer bet (the operative word is RISING).
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  8. Well- how did you do?

    I truly hope that you did well.:) did you catch the bounce?

    But if you did not -don't get discourage-

    the learning curve is easier with losses then wins.

    study your losses to learn what not to do/and to minimize-we all have losses!

    study your wins to learn to repeat/improve

    you have to jump in sometime to learn to swim.

    the key is don't drown.:cool:
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  9. strongwork

    I never bought intel, but i did buy yahoo at 34.13 and set my stop to 33.90.

    - nate
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  10. Likely, at some point in time (who knows when) intc is bound to bounce; if in, only for a quicky, not an investement: dead money imo.
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