buying intel at a 52 wk low ?

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  1. I didn't even looked at the chart but what if it goes to a 60-70-100 weeks low ? why 52 ? gl anyway :)
  2. Excellent idea. You will be riding already by the time the thing would really start to tumble down.
  3. dont


    I my opinion wait. It will go lower or stabilize around these levels. Then buy.
  4. azmi


    why dont u buy google at its 6month low instead? and ride the wave back up to 470?
  5. If this is truly your First trade - wait and see-

    I am assuming that you have paper traded for a while.

    I agree with the post that points out that maybe the low will 56week or 100week....

    The trend is your friend:D

    Don't trade what you believe to be true -trade what you see is true.

    also It depends on how you plan to trade ie short term... long term-will you put a stop loss order on-
    how large a postion etc.

    what ever you do good luck and be careful out there someone wants to take your money.:)
  6. Why would you buy anything now? It seems everybody is programmed to buy, buy, buy and has forgotten that stocks can go down FAST also!
  7. ==========================
    Strong tek January seasonals in your favor, cash money Nate;
    but has it medium & short term huge % sell.

    Frankly if one made money on long side swing or it goes to $19.50; also its below 50/200day moving average,
    wouldnt consider that a good probability trade on long side.

    QQQQ & SMH are in your favor, also looks bullish;
    but frankly INTC looks too bearish 50 day ma & 200 day ma, honestly i wouldn't consider it a good probability trade even if it bounces profitably here or goes to $19.50.:cool:
    Good liquidity however.:cool:;
    helpful goog/YHOO link, but notice last 5-6days, huge sell volume
  8. whats the saying - even a broken clock is right two times a day???

    you may catch the bottom of intc and ride a bounce. which would probably not be a good thing as it reinforces a bad habit. as a rule, buying something because it is tanking is not good practice... and doing so with no set of rules will get you killed.

    as a trader - you are never trying to catch the top or bottom of any move... a nice and more sane living can be made taking middle pieces of trends....

    investors may start bidding intc or other at 52 week lows because they have a model or research that suggests the value is out of line..... likely it would be a small part of their portfolio and risk management would be a big factor...but simply buying because its at a 52 week low and you think it will reverse could be painful....

    there are only 3 ways to enter a trade in my opinion - on a break out of consolidation, on a pullback and reversal into that same condolidation , or buying a pullback in an uptrend... in each of these scenarios - i put a stop under the area of consolidation or at the bottom of the pullback. "enter in mild times - exit in wild times".

    its really tempting to break these rules - especially when you see something you feel is oversold.the reality is that nobody knows where the market is going or any particular issue either... so you have to have some rules you use to objectively enter and exit trades. just like any small business needs an operating system.

    at any rate - if you are going to buy intc - have a stop in mind so you dont get shanked and limit your risk to a % of your equity so you can stay in the game....

  9. Trends are almost non existent right now and with so many fake breakouts losses on chasing them can be substantial; I'd rather buy @bottom than in the middle of a trend that could already be exhausting. Size stock traders use to dump stocks as soon as they rise and rotate to weaker ones for the whole session and maybe for days to come.

    Of course with stocks like aapl and goog it's a whole different game.
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