buying gold here?

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  1. I am tempted to pick up some GLD......
    (I am afraid it will be a mini correction for 15-20 points at least with major support of ~500, minor supp 525.....
  2. if you can figure out if the next $50 is up or down
    in spot gold or the next 50 cents up or down in spot silver

    let me know !!

  3. I am hoping for a pullback to $500 ish and then I will unload some of my USD. I think gold is golden to 750 at least, but there will be pullbacks.
  4. bubba1


    What's the best way to get long gold for the "longer term" ?

    Short, I guess, of buying bullion. Moving long futures forward in a carry market seems a losing proposition? Or am I missing something?
  5. You could buy GLD shares that track Gold or a Perth Mint Cert, which has a 2% comm on it.
  6. There is no cost paid to hold GC back months: the difference between back months and spot, which appears to be lost with time, is derived from the risk-free-rate. An example: should you borrow money to buy bullion, you would have to pay interest for the loan.
  7. tomcole


    If you play in gold now, I'd leave a trailing stop, when gold tanks it really tanks.
  8. I just bought GLD for my family trust account small.
  9. I just did....
  10. surely a $25 off list price sale hasn't cure all that ills the earth...
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