Buying ES now

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Ghost of Cutten, May 6, 2010.

  1. Time to go long boys
  2. Sell Treasuries, and cover any Euro shorts here IMO.
  3. fuck that. shorting the whole eurozone to hell.
  4. Oh and buy Yen puts or short it too - huge spike which will collapse by next week most likely.
  5. I'll take my profits and sit the rest of the day out, picking a bottom and going counter trend on a day like today, well let's just say that I remember 87 well and people who did what you are suggesting got killed. Good luck.
  6. If the ES gets back to unchanged, I'd book profits then.

    Shorting more Yen, IMO 5 figures drop in the next few days.
  7. Exiting half my buys here around 1118 ES.
  8. You haven't seen nothing yet.
    Wait until the real collapse comes tomorrow!

  9. Quick reminder - the VIX is still at 40. It will be in the low 20s again once the panic clears. VIX moving from 40 to 20ish will mean a big rally for risky assets and a big fall for safe-havens. So bear that in mind before exiting too much too soon on any trades here.
  10. Eh... an indicator I created caught this free fall, too bad I didn't trade it lol....

    Get ready for a short term recovery... "the smart money" is going long. (The indicator just flipped from short to long during the widest range bar).
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