Buying due hope, Sell-off on the reality news??

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  1. This 16-20% rally in the S&P over the last 2weeks has been 100% due to the hope that the European finance ministers will create some magic plan that will ''fix'' whatever the problem everyone believes there is in Europe...,
    with the culmination date of when this magic plan needs to be announced being this coming Wednesday.

    However do you think that from Tuesday afternoon/evening and then on Wednesday morning when the plan is announced this market starts to sell off hard, very hard?? (500-600points crash over 1-2days)


    Do you think the market will actually rally a few hundred points more on the announcement??
  2. I personally would absolutely love to see blood and panic in the streets,
    with the dow crashing over 1,000points in a single day,
    S&P going under 600,
    dollar becoming ridiculously strong.... ect
  3. pupu


    No way dude

    Dow up 1000 points by end of week for sure

    15000 by EOY!
  4. Random walk?
  5. Tuesday went well, and now lets all pray for a total bloodbath today!! :D :cool: :p
  6. Lucias


    Europe means nothing. Never did.

    Inflation is the new watch word. Although, I'm not sure if that will be bullish or bearish for the equities market.
  7. Maverick74


    Why don't you learn to trade so you can actually make money whether the market goes up or down?
  8. Europe most definitely means something. They haven't been dragging their feet on the matter for months now because it "means nothing".

  9. Sorry but do you not know who i am mr newbie?? :D :p LOL

    As you seem relatively new to this website i will let you off for now though. ;)

  10. Sorry my friend but where have you been living for the last 6months??! :eek: :D :p

    Europe means everything!!

    The usa is just a worthless land-mass full of people with strange accents,
    and an economy which has no actual value, is merely cascading along on huge piles of freshly printed-money that the fed prints out to numerically inflate the economic readings! :) LOL

    The usa markets crashed because of what happend in europe, the only reason they rose 20% over the last 2weeks was due to hope of a magic plan in europe that is due to be announced today (wednesday),
    and so when the plan comes out unless its amazingly inflationary the markets will all tank,
    and the dow + s&p will follow! :D :cool: :p
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