Buying Dell Precision T3400, questions

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by westsidetrader, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. If any of you guys noticed in my other thread I was looking for advice on purchasing a new computer that will be solely used for trading.

    I have decided to go with the Dell T3400, and I plan on buying a new one off the dell website. I will be using the Dell T3400 with 2 20" LCD's.

    My question is, when im doing the checkout I have the option of many different types of upgrades for the T3400 through Dell. Is there anything that I should look into upgrading with Dell? Is there any upgrade I should look into getting now when buying my computer that will save me a headache later down the road if/when upgrading it?

    I would like to apologize since I have very limited to none computer knowledge and am really looking to set up a solid workstation.
  2. Unless you plan on running several slow applications (java) at the same time, any modern pc with 4 gb ram and some modern multicore cpu should do.
    Since you're planning to use only 2 monitors I assume you wont be running much more than some trading platform and maybe some charts. In that case you really should be fine with the above.
  3. You maybe be glad at some point if you add a second video card to it.

  4. quick questions

    what is the difference between mini-tower chassis configuration or desktop chassis configuration? and whats a 1394 Card?

    basically what im asking is should i go with their the mini-tower or desktop chassis config for my T3400 and do i need a 1394 card?

    also, the base T3400 comes with 1GB of memory, is there any reason i would need more? i believe i read 192MB
    for each monitor and 1000MB = 1GB, so i have more than enough to run 2 LCD's right now. but is there any reason i would need more?
  5. I believe the difference is size of the chasiss. Mini-tower bigger than desktop. Mini-tower, you will likely put the box on the floor vertically. Desktop, you can put the box on the top of your desk. Check with the website for sure (on dimensions).

    For your trading applications the more memory the better. I think 1GB RAM (main memory, right?) is low this day and age. Probably 3GB or above. Memories are not that expensive these days.

    I am sure Dells are good boxes. But I have a few HP/Compaq bottom-of-the-line models when I bought them a year ago. Compaq SR5610F and SR5710F. Costed about $400 each a year ago from Fry's Electronics. No problem with them so far.
  6. 1. Lay a tower on its side. That's a "desktop" configuration. Dell has a different drive bay bezel for desktop and you can reorient the optic drives.

    2. 1394 is Firewire. Unless you have firewire external devices, you don't need it. USB 3.0 will be here soon, effectively making firewire obsolete.

    3. 1G memory is actually OK for XP 32-bit unless you have a lot of peripherals.... then you might want to bump it up. If you're going to use W7 or a 64-bit OS, might as well get 4GB of RAM right off the bat. However, bad idea to buy such an upgrade from Dell... While their "base" systems are often good value, their upgrades are well overpriced.

    4. Virtually all video cards today have more than enough VRAM for trading. About the smallest you can get these days is 32MB/port... and that's plenty..