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  1. I have a small amount of money in Cryptos with Coinbase.

    I want to purchase some Cardano, but Coinbase does not offer the coin.

    I don't want to have 3,4 different accounts to buy as many coins.

    What is the best exchange to have an account, that offers the best, broadest range of coins?

    I am generally interested in keeping the account confined to the U.S., Europe or Canada etc....

    Any suggestions?
  2. Is there a wallet that has a good reputation for safety and is able to store several cryptos?
    Some wallets have the potential to store some, but not others.
    I am looking at the Ledger X.
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    binance, but they'll be clamping down on US people soon.
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    at $340b crypto market cap, you could buy NFLX and NVDA and have $60b left as walk-around money.

    $340b for what, virtually zero practical use... just a bunch of casino chips.
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    Hopefully their dex will be accessible.
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  7. I agree. I don't want an account with a Chinese or Taiwan background. Or, any other nation that might have a potential conflict with the U.S. either politically or economically.
    All they have to do is prevent financial transfers between nations or conclude that cryptos are too competitive and shut them down.

    Are cryptos covered by SWIFT like the banking industry?

    I prefer to stay with a U.S., Canadian, EU etc.....organization.
  8. Thanks I'll check it out.

    Is the Ledger Nano X my best, safest bet for security?

    I have seen a lot of others online, (Amazon ) but most of them are recent arrivals without a reputation and don't offer the potential of storing several coins. I even found a few that don't store anything other than BTC.
  9. I opened an account with Bittrex. It's based in Seattle, which I think is a better idea than using an exchange based overseas.

    It was harder with Bittrex than Coinbase. I had to submit a pic of my driver's license front and back as well as a current selfie. The software they used to determine that the pics were the same was disagreeable with me. I had to submit it 4X before it accepted it.

    Then, I had to send a copy of my bank statement with my name, address and account number on it.

    They were tougher than CB.

    But, it's all good..........
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    Ledger Nano S here. I'm using Binance for now. Though since they no longer service US citizens as of September I'm on the lookout for alternatives.

    Gotta watch out for fees, stated and otherwise. Some of these exchanges, even US-based exchanges will fee people to death if they aren't careful especially if people are using Credit Cards to insert funds...which I definitely not recommend. I've seen as much as $300/$BTC premium over current Best Bid/Offer. Cra-Cra stuff.

    Liquidity is a major concern of mine too. I find that #CoinbasePro seems to be well used by the major MM & HFT types firms. It's pretty obvious when you see all the high volume spoofing going on. But liquidity is there when you need it w/o having too much price impact.

    #Kraken is decent as well. Have not used #Bittex, but volume appears to be very light.
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