Buying Calls part # 2

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  1. I failed miserably in my first thread so I am abandoning it and starting a new journal.

    With reamaing money I plan to buy more call on the open tommorow at around 9:35 or so

    This is last ditch. If I fail this time I'm probably done for good.

    I will buy a mix of GOOG and EWZ calls

    The sp00z should be at 900 now, nasdaq 1600
  2. You have to be kidding. If not, you should piss your money away in Las Vegas. You'll get treated better and you'll have a good time.
  3. Believe me this guy is so totally full of shit, he is just on here to completely piss everyone off (that he already hasn't). Full ignore mode and he will disappear, he has failed at everything he says he is a genious of, and now hes going back in? Stock, you never lost a dime, becuase you simply have no money....Go away
  4. How are those calls doing?
  5. what exactly are you going to use in barter for these calls?
  6. dinoman


    Welcome to Obamanation!
  7. Mav88


    you're a one man riot, last ditch??? you crack me up

    are you going to throw a 10,000th post party?
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    hahahahahah i literally bursted out laughing after reading this. I actually thought someone else like you was lurking around.
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    Post a blotter this time so the glory of fail will be all yours.
  10. I'm all done buying. Made final purchase today with the funds that are left on the SPY.

    I'll have the prices shorty on display shortly. I made the first purchase yesterday and at a loss on those, too.

    It's not losing money in the stock market that bothers me the most though. This is fucking bad. Things are really going downhill.

    #10     Feb 20, 2009