Buying call, selling put at same price

Discussion in 'Options' started by cubical, Nov 24, 2008.

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    I am going to try and explain what I am looking for.

    Is there a website which gives stock options where the net of selling the put and buying the call is greater than the stock price minus the strike price?


    ABC 40 call is 2
    ABC 40 Put is 5
    ABC is selling for 39

    If the stock price doesn't move i will buy the stock for 40 when it is worth 39. So I would lose $1 from the put bing exercised, but gain $3 from buying/selling the options. Neting me a total of $2.

    I am sure this has a name, but I am not sure what it is. Thanks for the help.
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    This is called a reversal and the opposite would be a conversion. This is the basic put-call parity and unless you are a market maker you can forget about trying to exploit the mispricing, which are arbed, if any, within seconds or even milliseconds these days.

    By the way, there's also a cost of carry that needs to be taken into account, which you fail to do in your example.
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    Lovely idea but alas, you're about 30 years too late. Simple risk-free arbitrages disappeared long, long ago. You need a lot more sophistication to win at options in today's environment - and more's the pity. Shows you're thinking though - keep plugging away!
  4. yes. I attended one optionsXpress seminar and one speaker spoke on synthetic options. and their advantages/disadvantages. He said that in the 80s. there used to be an entire floor of analyst.who used to pore over paper/tickers and make the arbirtrage opportunites. getting a dollar or more.

    and now. he mentioend u r lucky to even get a few cents.
  5. The problem with this post and similar posts like yours is these "ABC" examples with numbers pulled from a hat. You should use a real example of a stock you have an eye on. A quick look at a $40 stock shows EFA at $40.56 and the December options priced at:

    Buy 40 Call at $3.30
    Sell 40 Put at $2.25
    EFA is at $40.56

    Buy 41 Call at $2.60
    Sell 41 Put at $2.60
    EFA is at $40.56

    Now do the math, and remember a stock rarely "doesn't move".

    forex-forex :)
    Trading guru
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    Well I initially heard some lady talk about this on CNBC a few weeks ago. She gave an example of one stock where this was valid. I can not remember the stock, but she had one where if the stock didn't move you would make ~%5 on your money. I didn't know if there were more. I figured there wouldn't be. Thanks anyways.
  7. I'm not a synthetics guru by any standard. However, last time I looked, long a call and short a put at the same strike price was synthetic to 1 long share.