Buying Bonds From Treasury Direct

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    A few Questions

    Say for example you buy a 30 year from a scheduled auction via treasury direct, and you spend $10,000. Would that be considered a $10,000 bond? or would it be 100 $100 bonds? Basically are 30 year bonds only sold in $100 increments?

    Im just interested in the perspective that you can enter a bid with treasury direct for a 30 year auction and get a price that is much lower then the secondary market price.

    There is a 45 day holding period for all securities after auction purchases.

    Also to sell a security thru their selldirect program it costs $45 per security, which is the reason im asking the above question about larger denomination bonds. Because selling 100 $100 bonds with a fee of $45 is funny.
  2. You'll be buying $10k worth of bonds. They don't have to come necessarily in $100 pieces and keep in mind that you won't be getting exactly $10k notional value of these. Moreover, why do you think you'll get a much lower price than the secondary mkt?
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    Martinghoul answer is perfectly correct

    Minimum purchase: $100
    Maximum purchase: Non-competitive: $5 million
    Competitive: 35% of offering amount
    (see types of bidding)
    Investment Increment: Multiples of $100

    i think this is exactly what you are trying to do

    by placing your order significantly lower than auction price. do you seriously expect to get filled?

    note-price per $100

    the par is $1, with $100 minimum size
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    what are you talking about? how am i placing an order significantly lower than the acution price? I just said this:

    shows the price the auctions go off at, and that would be the price i would be paying.

    the question still has not been answered, if you purchase $10,000 worth of $10,000 bonds, reguardless of what price you end up paying for them at the auction. Will that be considered 1 bond or multiple bonds.
  6. Just curious, why does it matter to you?
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    did you read the links? it will be 10000 bonds since par value for this particular security is 1 dollar. minimum size is 100
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    Just curious, why does it matter to you?
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    It doesn't matter to Chelsea_FC. She is just curious like she said.

    Carry on folks.