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  1. ACUK


    Hi, my broker - Interactive Brokers - dont have bitcoin. But they do have futures:

    BAKKT - Mar18 2021 Bitcoin Futures @ ICE

    My question - and sorry if it's a bit basic.

    If I buy these futures, do they expire on Mar 18 this year - and I will need to buy a later dated future?

    Thanks :)
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  2. narafa


    Yes, they expire on 18 Mar 21 and if you want to maintain your position, you will need to roll it out to the next expiry (i.e. close the March one and buy the April one or a later dated contract)
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  3. ZBZB


    They have BRR CME bitcoin futures as well. Contract size five coins instead of one at BAkkt. More liquid as well.
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  4. johnarb


    I thought BAKKT futures settle with physical bitcoins so you'll get bitcoins custodied by the exchange? I don't know anything about futures, lol
  5. Poljot


    It is a psychically settled contract so the holder of a long position must take delivery of bitcoin if held through expiry.
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  6. Future contracts expire after a month each month... in an unrelated note... i would pick futures brokers to trade bitcoin than those shady cryptocurency brokers... if you can afford the margin on bitcoin contract
  7. its 92 grand for just one contract at tdameritrade.
  8. Stay out. As an experienced trader, i advise you to stay out of fast moving markets because smart people use trading as a job... not gambling.
  9. when you walk out of your job as a janitor... you dont scream of joy because you made 100$ that day... you take the bus or train back home. Neither should you when you make money in the market. All that matters is that if you can put food on the table. And keep your family healhy and safe.
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  10. Overnight


    BTC futures would be suicide to any inexperienced futures trader, due to it's volatility and performance bond requirements. Shit, even RB would be less risky, and that one can be a monster.
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