Buying an IDEM seat.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bsparkyman, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Even though I no longer trade the ym I am going to bid on a ym seat. Went from mid $30,000's to $27,000 back to $30,000 in the last few months. It's gotta be worth $40,000 once a suitor get the cbot and makes the seatholder whlole or restructuring fees and e-trading product mix. No deal goes down without paying off the participants even if they are not equity holders in the exchange business these days.
  2. Money can be put to better uses IMHO
  3. Let's see, 25% over risk free rate of return in one year if I am correct, give me a tip on an unleveraged better use of cash and I will pay you a negotiated commision if you are correct.
  4. Last sale today $33,000. 10 % in a couple of days. You are right, there are better places to put my money in a similar asset class tudor jones. Who would settle for 10% over a couple of days.
  5. sparky-did you buy one?

    I'd be concerned how the IDEM and GEM seats will be merged in the future, but if you get a seat with stock, it's not a bad deal at all.
  6. Did not buy one yet, bid and ask raised quickly, I always miss it by a tick or a day. Speculation is better access to ice products I am sure. If not, provision in takeover deal to enhance value of existing holders. They will not piss off the most active market participants, what's a couple million in a several billion dollar deal.
  7. You could've bought them for $13,000 2 or 3 years ago. Yeah, lets buy it at on top of Wave 5 :D
  8. True, you could of bought a mge seat for $30,000 just over a year ago presently selling for $115,000. A hedge fund trader would obviously see the upside with limited dowside.