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    Hiya all,

    I have been reading a book called "Trading for a Living" (among others) and it states that part of the learning process, it is recommend that you purchase a trading system with a positive expectancy and to stick to the rules outlined in the trading system. This is supposed to give practice to following the rules and it is supposed allow you to learn how to control your emotions.

    I am considering either a forex signal service or purchasing a trading system. I have looked at the forex siganl services, but I was thinking it might be best to purchase a trading system, so that I will be in full control of calculating the entry and exit signals, rather than following someone else's.

    I have been looking at and, which seem to have some excellent ratings and a positive expectancy.

    What are others opinions on these, and do you have any other recommendations?
  2. You are kidding, right? Where on Earth are you getting your opinions from? This stuff is a joke. The first thing that should warn you is the hype. It's so thick that it can kill you.