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    I’m looking at possibly buying a System to trade Index Futures, Ideally im looking for a system that could trade across a basket of markets rather than specific to the S&P or NASDAQ.

    Has anyone any recommendations or experience with this type of trading, or can offer any advice.


    Invest the 15 bucks for a copy of their magazine. I just got the last issue, it breaks down how many of the commercially available are doing in various markets.

    While they have been criticized by some for their single contract testing methodology, I don't really see a problem with it.

    My other advice is check forums like tradestations, moneytech, traderclub, etc. Often you'll find system's there that members have posted which are similar and sometimes even better than the stuff that is sold for a couple of grand.

    Oh and if it looks to good to be true it is....the edges are pretty small, when you see the equity curves that go to the moon in ads the system is usually either over optimized or has some type of money management applied to it that is totally unrealistic.

    Be very careful before throwing down any money on something. There are some gems but 90% of the stuff out there is garbage, as always, if it really worked that you think someone would be selling it?
  3. I'll give you some genuine nononsense advise:
    Better send me a check with your capital right away so as not to lose it in the market while exercising a "trading system".

    PS. The only system that's possibly ever going to work for you is the one you'll develop yourself.
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    Well said Nononsense.Dont spend your hard earnt on an Optimized Trading System that will bleed your Trading Account dry.I nearly bought a System after studying Futurestruth about 4 or 5 years back.One of the luckiest escapes I have had since I got into trading.The system blew up a few months later and would have cost me a lot of $$$$$$$$$
  5. "A sucker is born every minute."

    If a trading system works so well, then why would anybody sell it?
  6. :confused: Money.
  7. everyone throws around the statement that if a system is that good, why sell it.
    well consider this. some people have very good systems but something in their nature makes them sabatoge everything about the system and thus they are just not good at the trading part. so they sell it.
  8. Go to StrategyRunner ,

    you can lease or buy systems from them.
    they swing and daytrading systems.
    and it trades automatically for you.

    I would advise you to remember that system trading is not a money making machine (that is what most people think and that is why you don't always understand the true logic of system trading.

    you should look at system trading has an investment

    for example if you trade a systems with 1 lot of ES (requires marginX) would it been a better investments then other...

    Say you have a investment portfolio of 100k
    and you want to allocate %15 to alternative asset.

    if you can find a Systems that for (1 year- you can judge a systems for less then that )

    on a 15k (margin requirements) made a min of 15% after commison)

    that that is a good investments.

    you shouldn't look at the systems and say hay i bought this for X of dollar now it will make me a milliner
  9. Also, trading a system is a high risk venture, while selling it is a no-risk venture. If you can sell something and make good money, as well as gain a big reputation for it, then why not?

    Larry Williams, Charles, LeBeau, and countless other wealthy induviduals on the investment seminar circuit make their living this way. Perhaps it is unethical, but it works regardless. There are far more unethical acts that happen on a daily basis in this business.
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