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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by killthesunshine, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. I'm either buying or building another power trading rig.
    Can I buy just as cheap as build these days?

    I know and like Cyberpowerpc..

    any others?

  2. For the last ten years I've been buying my trading equipment from Puget Systems. They're not cheap, but their rigs are fast, run very cool and are extremely reliable.

  3. I thought that with your knowledge on hardware, that you would enjoy building a box yourself? ?

    I built 3 on my own. Result of frustations when shopping for ready-to-run models that all of what I looked at did not support anything more than 1 PCIe X16 slot.

    And I enjoy the process of building one.
  4. yes i've built half dozen or so, and it is easy to do but time consuming. ordering all the parts, putting it together testing etc.

    it's a real PIA when it won't boot too ;)

    i'm getting tired of it, and the novelty has long since worn off.
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    everyone i ever built fired right up. This last one had issues with Intels bad chipset. Screens once flickered around and i thought it was because the NVS 300 ran a little hot, nope, it was the motherboard. When i switched from SATA 3 to SATA 6 ports ( as the temp workaround newegg sent out) everything worked fine.

    I can still build a better pc for the money compared to a store bought..........better quality parts, fit to my specs, no tax, no shipping if you know how to order parts, etc, etc.

    Fixing a computer is 98% replacing parts. I have NEVER lost a hard drive, video card, NOTHING but a couple fans.

    I will say this though, the first LCD screen that i bought in 2001 a Viewsonic View Panel VA 800 17.4 " is crapping out. I paid with tax $1,375.00 for that. HA I might dig into it and replace a few capacitors, just to see if i can fix it. I like to tinker..

    Found this on GOOGLE a while back..........

    That monitor and the shipping box (i still have them for when i move around (i have 2 ) weight is 45 pounds..........that was a HEFTY built screen then. Heavy screens are ok, but no heavy chicks need apply :eek:

    PS: also built a water cooled one, todays chips are cooler, use less juice, no need to really do water cooling on a trading box..........but yes i do overclock them but not crazy gamer stuff. I trade, not play games.