buying a second home in the USA

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  1. Is there any special requirement for a British citizen to buy a house in the USA? Any British trader current living in the states? Thank for any comment.
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    Yes there are requirements. You can't just buy a house in the US and expect to have free entry in and out of the country. Do I know them off hand ? No. But you should contact an immigration lawyer first.
  3. I am not going to stay in the USA forever. I just want to buy a house, may be in Florida, so I can go there during the winter and trade from there for a 2 or 3 months.

    BTW, why do the housing prices in palm beach are much higher than that in Orlando/Melbourne/Daytona Beach?
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    To keep foreigners out. Sorry, couldn't resist, it's only a joke.
  5. Orlando and other don't need to keep foreigners out? Who live in the palm beach? The KKK?
  6. ADX,

    Palm Beach is much more upscale than the other spots you've mentioned. Also, I"m not so sure you need any special permission to own real estate. Worst case scenario, form a corporation (just do it yourself, book store has how to manuals) and have the corp buy the house. Depending on your situation this may be a better choice anyway in terms of asset protection, etc.
  7. No there isn't! Anyone can buy a house here. Real estate is considered personal property like anything else.

    The problem you will have is:

    1) obtaining a loan,
    2) multiple entry visa.

  8. bundlemaker:

    Thank for your comment. Do you know which beach or town is not too expensive but still not a bad place to live? There are just too many beaches in Florida I get confused. Why do the people like to go to Miami? In term of the environment, I don't feel other beaches can't match Miami.
  9. ADX,

    Florida is larger than many countries. You really need to visit and check everything out. It depends on your budget and what kind things you like to do. I have a second home on a coastal island in the northern gulf area, it's very quiet and sedate. Most of my friends would be bored stiff, whereas you couldn't pay me to live in Miami, to me it's a big dirty city. There is lots in between.
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    What's the point of buying a house if you can't enter the country to use it?
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