Buying a new monitor (suggestions please)

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    I am looking into buying a trading computer. (feel free to give insight into that topic as well) I am wondering about computer monitors?

    I would like to go with 2 monitors, but dont really know much about shopping for monitors.

    20 vs 22 inch
    resolution (can you get too much)
    contrast ratio

    what else do i consider?

    Any insight?
  2. Refresh Rate at 85hz and up; good for your eye.
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    Hello number22: I don't think the LCD type monitors have the flicker problen like the older CRT did? I think half way between the 60 and 90 (75 is best)would wash out the problem with CRT's.. agpilot
  4. I have dual 22'' LCD's and they are sweet! That extra 2" (x2) really makes a difference to me.

    If you can get the 22" without paying a ton of extra money, go for it.
  5. I have no flicker problems with my LCD's FWIW.
  6. I have an Acer 22" I really like. Cheap at Best Buy!
    LCD is easy on the eyes.
  7. dell 2407

    awful hard to beat
  8. Boomer


    any computer suggestions while we are at it...
  9. Read this

    Understand the difference between IPS panels and TN panels, and then make sure you know which panel is in the monitor you are thinking of buying. IMO, IPS are far superior, and will be for anyone but the hard-core gamer who needs extremely fast response time. For trading purposes there is no need for the bleeding edge of response time. Viewing angle, color reproduction, backlight bleed and dithering are all better on IPS panels (in my experience).

    Here is a site that lists many (but not all) of the monitors you may be considering. Look up your unit and see which LCD panel is being used to make it. Please be aware that Dell and other companies do the 'panel lottery' thing, where they introduce a new model and use IPS panels to establish a good rep, then switch to cheaper TN panels after it has gained some popularity.
  10. At Xmas I bought a remanufactured Gateway notebook, 17", 2 gig harddrive, 2.1 Ghz chip speed on an Intel Duo Core 2 chipset, 2 gig Memory, fancy bloody fast video card, etc. Model # NX860XL, totally gamer upgraded by the tech lords at Gateway's remanufacturing centre.
    750 shipped, with 1 yr warranty.
    Might wanna call 1800 gateway.
    I got Vista, silly me, now I have to wait till Feb. so Jurik MA's will sync up with Vista 32.
    details details....
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