buying a new house

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  1. Coming up here in the next few years is going to be THE BEST opportunity, IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, to buy a house. Cheap rates for qualified borrows, you're buying the bottom. Patience my good fellows, patience.

    My only problem is choosing where I want to live. I have to get out of Florida, I know this much.

    Anyone else looking to relocate??
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  2. bonds


    whats wrong with florida? i was thinking of buying a house there...
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  3. Leaving next week to start house hunting in Florida myself.

    There are starting to be some good buys down there. Sounds to me that someone got a little overextended on their payments and the increase in property taxes is taking its toll.

    Welcome to the world of real estate!

    Good Luck!
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  4. It's an intellectual wasteland down here bro, education system sucks, taxes are insane, the po-po are on a 24/7 powertrip, oh, and there are wayyyy too many crazy ass elderly drivers. I may be able to handle the elderly drivers if I layed off the AAS, but that's not going to happen ANY time soon.
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  5. You'll see what i mean when you're here for a few years......

    Best of luck to ya, where are you looking at??
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