Buying a new computer?

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  1. I've been driven half nuts with people insisting to stick with xp and 32 bits for a new computer. Others say get the vista with quad core and 6-8 ram 64 bits, it's the future.

    I trade multiple time frames using esignal for the S&P eminis and my Esignal and Ninja get maxed out on my cpu bogging down.

    You have to pay up to get xp these days and it isn't as powerful as the newer vista, so go with vista? Also vista will upgrade to windows 7 later but xp will not I've heard.

    Thanks for all opinions.
  2. I use a Dell T3400 Precision workstation with Windows XP Pro ( 32-bit ) and 4 gigs of RAM.

    It handles all of my data-feeds with ease.
  3. i am selling my system...i just got a new position in downtown chicago and no longer need this horsepower at home...look at pictures of your trading stations forum...just fyi
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  5. Those "driving you half nuts" are correct.
  6. Just found out Ninja doesn't support 64 bit. That answered the 32/64 question.
  7. I'll check it out,thanks.
  8. I think your right. XP people seem brighter:D
  9. chiguy is selling his home rig, right? Check into it. He'll probably make you a good deal, and he's always been about leading edge, power, POWER, HORSE POWER!! :D
  10. I haven't been able to find the trading station forum/pictures. I'm outside of Chicago too. Lets talk.
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