Buying a new computer remove Vista?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dandxg, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. I am looking at buying a new Dell in the next week. They will only ship the PC I want with Vista. :mad: If I get a disk kill program and wipe out the HD can I put an clean install of XP Pro on it.

    Has anyone tried this? Any problems, conflicts?

    I would consider buying from someone else,but I can't find a comparable deal. TIA

  2. It will be fine ... same as starting with a new drive. Format and install which will have the bonus of skipping the extra dell stuff.
  3. Truff


    I'm actually considering doing the same thing. My tech guy said it would be no problem. he also said if you DO stay with Vista to go with the office version, there have been less issues.
  4. Can't you keep Vista AND put the XP operating system on the same drive? And if so, can't you elect which operating system to boot from? I mean why get rid of Vista? Keep Vista, and just wait until MS has gotten a couple of Service Pack out on Vista to correct the bugs?
  5. snowice


    Yes, you can. Or, buy another hard drive and install XP on it... just select which drive you want to boot from in the BIOS.