Buying A Computer From Dell Direct

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by larrybf, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. i've bought like 4 comps from them...every one has worked perfect.

    did YOU incorrectly add parts to the new one? i really doubt it wouldn't boot up right out of the box.....
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  2. TGregg


    I'm pretty sure Dell doesn't make video cards, and I don't think video cards slow down due to heat (although they may shut down or burn out).

    I do suspect they overclocked your video card, which theoretically kills your warranty on that video card (and mebbe on the entire system). There's no way Dell could tell you overclooked it, (unless you send it back to them still overclocked), so the point is moot.
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  3. Ebo


    I am on my third DELL machine.
    Currently I have a Dimension 8300.
    I have had very few problems with it.
    DELL support is not the greatest.
    I fixxed most of my issues either through CYBERTRADER support
    or by posting on DELL message boards.
    The DELL message Boards are far more intelligent than actual DELL technicians.

    I added a second video card by MATROX to my old DEll, I bought it from DELL and they supported it.

    My new XP came with a factory installed dual card and it worked fine right out of the box. I am not defending their horrendous support, but you probably have a bad card or settings. Try contacting support at the video card manufacturer.

    Good Luck.
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  4. I have ordered 5 dells over the past 5 years, and had to return two because of various problems. BUT, I never had any problem returning them or getting credited in a timely manner - it was very efficient and painless.
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  5. no problems with the first one, some small with the other one, but could fix them myself.
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  6. Splat


    My post seemed rather negative so I thought I would clarify. I am
    very happy with the machine - infact this is my 2nd laptop I have
    bought from Dell. I will definitely buy from them again...
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  7. Just took delivery of my first DELL ever! I am pleased as punch :D . Very satisfied & Very impressed. One of the best computer i have ever owned ( i've owned & built my share). I can't tell any diff b/w this DELL and any that i've put together with my own hands.

    QUIET! is the word. This thing is very quiet. Not sure it'
    s on half the time it's so damm QUIET.

    I love it. And i will most definitely buy the next from DELL.

    WTG DELL!!


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  8. what?? you saying the day it arrived it wouldn't fire up?? BS!! you're FOS! you screwed it up somehow and when Dell wouldn't roll over and take the hit for soemthing YOU did, you come here bashing away.

    be a man and admit your to blame, NOT DELL!

    ps learn to correctly use a 'puter DUDE! :mad:
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  9. yeah, you tell 'em!!
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  10. The video card was a nVidia GeForce card.

    The local computer shop used the same software (don't remember the name) as used by PC World to benchmark performance.

    While I was there he ran a benchmark on the computer as shipped by Dell and then took a computer case fan and held it near the video card and the benchmark rate improved by about 15%. I was very surprised. I don't think he "rigged" the test as he charged $5 for the fan.

    He told me that my video card was (at that time) a very high performance video card and it needed cooling, something now provided by some computer makers. There was no overclocking involved as I was there, saw everything that was done, and all he did was put the fan on the card. After I saw that, I had him put in permanent fan cooling.

    He also showed another computer was a fairly low end video card and we tried cooling it while benchmarking performance and the performance did not change.

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