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  1. strong rally into the close today, we have essentially hit the trendline now. I am a bear calling this BTW.
  2. ggoyal


    wow. are you from las vegas? or r u just an idiot gambler.
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    im a bear too and think the market is ready to jump 2-3%. Just keep in mind that earnings are upon us and that will make things even more volatile.

    Best buys would be index ETFs, if your even more bullish go with the proshares.
  4. We'll finish over 1400 today on the S&P. The PPT is in town and they are looking for bear hides.
  5. He's just observant. Most indices hitting major support lines.
  6. Agreed. Quick bounce tomorrow likely.
    $INDU 12,500.

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  7. I'm an idiot gambler, you?
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    :D :D

    new lows before 2.30 in choppy market is always a buy signal...

    good call man...