Buy VMware Tuesday Morning?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by MrDODGE, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Anyone going to get in on the first day of trading? I am 70% sure this IPO will be a winner from my research.
  2. I'm thinking of buying too man. VMware is huge. Please bump this post Monday.
  3. I'm 67% there. Am doing my due diligence now. Any info you can share would be helpful.
  4. topdown


    IPO of $29, I'd expect it to open trading near $35. I'm in if I can grab it near there and wouldn't be surprised to this to hit $40 opening day (on a strong market).

    EMC will still own 87% of VMW, and it should move in concurrence with the IPO. An easier trade will be grabbing some EMC on Monday.
  5. Stock will open >40. Best fundamentals since GOOG.
  6. hdawg87


    Valuation is between 26 and 28 depending on who you look at. This would not be a good longer term swing trade (~3 months) because it will probably drop down to around that level after the hype fades and when before it declares earnings. That being said, I'm all in on puts at 26.:)
  7. I'm buying the software
  8. Black stone too hyped after ipo and then later trader well below the ipo price
  9. One step ahead on that one, I have owned EMC for a month. :D
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