Buy TXN B4 earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Texas instuments will report a so-so quarter, but the stock will go up anyway because its been down so much and the fundamentals are still strong. IBM and other tech stocks had good earnings. TXN will follow.

    I suspect there will be a small $1 pop

    nothing to really get excited about
  2. This trade sucked major balls

    I bought 500 shares b4 earnings. Sold em' at $30 for a small loss. I wanted to buy a lot more but this company really stinks and Im glad I didn't buy more. I was hoping for a relief bounce but there was none.

    Texas instruments is going to 10 a share. its business has no growth and too many competitors.

    All they make are scientific calculators that high school students use to cheat on exams.

    Still long in goog MOS and visa
  3. let me tell you they have no competition in that lmao
  4. You're not serious are you? That's a tiny part of their business. But, yes, they are facing commoditization of almost everything they make and most of their new innovations didn't take off so well (they were betting big on DLP, but plasma and LCD are pretty much the whole market now).
  5. Sussanah, do not attempt to have any sort of intelligent conversation w/ stock..He is busy looking in the dictionary (he probably doesn't know about wikepedia) trying to comprehend what you posted!