buy this dip

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  1. max downside for dow 40 more points

    upside=100's of points

    Slowing growth tends to be good because it means no rate hike. 10 year keeps falling.

    Housing slowdown is also positive.
  2. You sure are entertaining.
  3. And you're a twit

    nice dow rebounding

    this is the bottom
  4. The good thing is it's not you who decides where the bottom is, but the market can sort it out by itself and will not pay attention to what you think.
  5. Obviously it can't be taken as an absolute truth. It's an opinion.
  6. Still long stock trader?
  7. Werd

    My AAPL and BIDU carying me through

    But this market is more fucked up than Michael Jackson's face. If you're sitting on your thumbs wondering what to do my worseless advice is to just go long some something. DDM, DIA, contracts, etc Buy some calls. And have some pepcid AC ready.
  8. I will buy this dip today, just before the close.
    However will check futures tomorrow, if they suggest a lower open, will place an order to sell before the market opens. Will place tighter stops too.
    If it profits will sell tomorrow, just before the close.
  9. Gonz


    SELL!! :D
  10. I believe you posted this about 100 points ago . . .

    You obviously are not a technician.
    We just wiped-out the last previous low in the SPX at 1486.

    Ultimately, we should head back to the lows of March, the previous Wave 4 degree.

    See you there, with a few "hard" bounces along the way.
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