buy this dip

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    economic is picking up, nothing to be panic
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    BUY, BUY, BUY!
  3. right...that's what I told my clients this morning..

    Nothing to be panic
    Nothing to be panic

    Looks like we're in for it. Bears take over if there's nothing to be panic
  5. You are the most goodest writer.
  6. why do we have to buy the 1st dip? Is it impossible for the mkt to close red? What if I said sell, sell, sell the 1st bounce? Just seems rather amateurish to me.
  7. The selling is overdone

    Bernanke essentially repeated what he said before
  8. This coming from a moron who doesn't sell and considers profits made before selling. Good one. :p
  9. The mkt is down 1 day and we have everyone saying it is not allowed to happen? It's amazing how "negative" everyone on this site is. I wish I could find a bull, but I guess all we have is permabears here! Go figure
  10. Yo dipshit, Ben has no impact on this market. Funds are driving it. Guess what, funds do understand that you have to sell something to book profit.
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