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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bluud, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. bluud


    Buy Now
  2. sold, es at 1533.00
  3. bluud


    where are those ninja turtles ... why isn't anyone trying to save this market? :mad:
  4. gobar


    damm becuase of u i lost $1000 buck...

    u told me to go long n i did... y u monster

  5. ron2368


    buy at 3:30, we may get a rally
  6. Pattern trader are we? haha
  7. A very good trading plan is to buy when the market trades below the open.
  8. Xenia


  9. OMG, you must be kidding, right? That would have cost you a lot of money. Did you actually 'backtest' that advise?

    Anyway, to recapulate: since your buybuybuy advise on 10/10 you lost 1500 points on the $DOW, which is $7500 per contract YM-mini. Also, you could have gone short that day and earned $7500.
    So, by your persistent and unsubstantiated ignorance you missed out on US$15.000 of trading opportunity, per contract.

    Maybe some day you will learn to trade, but this has nothing to do with trading. Nothing.
    My tip: put some real money on the line; for some it helps their brain waking up.
  10. Xenia


    #10     Nov 28, 2007