Buy them dips !!

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  1. Gee you cant loose it seems. Bullish set up in the charts right now, of coarse we have 4 more hours of trading and tomorrow we get PPI.

    Thats how it works, bullish set up right before a perceived number that could throw the market for a loop.

    Do you step up or WAIT? Or short into this rally?
  2. buy everything, only going up. we cant get 2 down days in a row. im predicting spx 10000 by next week, ndx 9000, and dow 20000.
    it never ends.
  3. mymini - seems the bull in you is back! lol
  4. My goodness, just look at everyone jumping in, hurry hurry the train is leaving the station chooo chooo
  5. They have to do it today, PPI and CPI are going to be ugly. But that will only last a few days, then corporate earnings will start pouring in and the analyst have estimates so low a one legged man could hop over them. Everyone will cheer hip hip hurray.
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    would be nice to get 2 down days in a row, went long QLD yesterday and sold it right into the strength. Nasdaq is very strong today even though RIMM is selling off extremely hard.
  7. I agree. This is rational exuberance again. I just wanted a correction so the economy could revamp itself. Now f that. I want an all out crash. I want to see people loose their a@@es and then ask the gov't to bail them out. I always thought Bern talked everything up but hey when he comes out and says he's worried about inflation and they might raise interest rates----AND THE MARKET RALLIES. Screw the peeps that believe everything is ok.
    I've said my peace!!!!
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    PPI will probably be a bit hot tomorrow. Also have GE earnings as well.
  9. Here is GE earnings, beat by a penny, and declare more stock buy back, end of story.
  10. I am flat, I have a buy limit order @ 12555, it will have to come to me.
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